Wasted Space

There’s something disconcerting to me when people take my seat at a coffee shop as soon as I vacate it. The process is just an uncomfortable reminder of how easy it is to fill a space once I leave it; how easy it is to pretend the space was mine in the first place.



She looked at him and saw herself. In uninhibited glory. And walked, with graceful assurance and an air of confidence that only ever comes from carrying the knowledge that you’re loved, absolutely – accepted.
And she looked at him, and she smiled as he called her beautiful.
And he looked at her, and he saw himself.

Seems convincing

Loose papers, a poorly placed effort to convince someone of something, but there is so much. So much somethings and rarely enough reasons to support them, and usually only one reason, really – money, and you wonder why it’s the bottom line to so many arguments like some universal premise to support every morally questionable conclusion. Valid. Argument’s Valid. Sound? There’s silence.